Art@Climate2030 Mural Campaign: Empowering the Public to Advocate for Climate Change Awareness

In a world grappling with the urgent realities of climate change, innovative approaches are essential to engage communities and spread awareness. Art@Climate2030 has emerged from a belief of the power of art in creating change. Now its time for the next phase of the competition – The painting of murals with the aim of spreading each winning artists message about climate change to streets around the world.

From February 28th to September 1st, the Art@Climate2030 Competition captured the imagination of artists worldwide. The competition served as a platform for artists to channel their passion for climate change activism into artistic expressions. Artists conveyed their perspectives and concerns through diverse mediums, from paintings and illustrations to digital art and sculptures, illustrating the far-reaching impact of climate change on our planet.

The response to the competition was overwhelming, with a plethora of inspired entries pouring in from various corners of the globe. The diverse array of artworks mirrored the diversity of perspectives on climate change, reflecting the urgency of the matter and the need for collective action.

To further amplify the change through art we want to set an even more permament mark around the world through painting the 10 winning artworks as murals. We are hoping that this initiative will blend artistic expression with community engagement, allowing for a broader dissemination of climate change awareness.

So, what happens now?

The public is now invited to voting on where they believe these murals would have the greatest impact. This democratic approach allows individuals to influence the visibility and reach of these artworks, ensuring they resonate with local communities and provoke meaningful conversations about climate change.

The Art@Climate2030 Mural Campaign embodies the fusion of art, public engagement, and climate advocacy. By empowering the public to shape the display of these murals, the initiative establishes a unique and inclusive platform for individuals to be a part of the global movement to combat climate change. Together, we can turn walls into canvases of change, inspiring action and fostering a sustainable future for all.

Click here to get to the voting platform

What do I need to vote?
The voting consists of a simple process. We only need your email to register you as an individual voter. In the next step you get to vote on which artwork you want to be painted and in which country, city and adress/building you want it to be placed.

Can I vote anywhere?
Yes! You can vote on any place in the world. The process is democratic, that is, the place with the most votes for each artwork will win.

How many murals will be painted?
All of the 10 winning artworks will be painted as murals. Due to time restrictions the five wild cards that were selected by the jury as winners will unfortunately not be painted, instead they recieve the price money and the honor.