Celebrating the Success: Cool Green Deal concludes

This Monday marked a joyous celebration as participants, partners, and supporters gathered to celebrate the successful culmination of our initiative Cool Green Deal. Hosted at Symbiont ART/WRK in Gamlestaden, Gothenburg, the event served as a heartfelt thank you to all former participants and showcased the significant achievements made during the project period.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of results from the initiative. A total of 47 individuals were educated in coating through a collaborative effort with Thermo-Logic AB, a key partner of Cool Green Deal. This educational aspect not only empowered individuals with valuable skills but also contributed to the project’s overarching goal of fostering a culture of sustainability.

Thermo-Logic AB, who has held the coating courses for the participants, participated and shared their perspectives on the project and its outcomes. Their involvement highlighted the collaborative nature of the initiative and the importance of partnerships in driving sustainable change.

In an effort to bridge the gap between education and practical application, Cool Green Deal has successfully employed 60 young individuals as environmental ambassadors. These ambassadors has played a pivotal role in registering over 86,000 roofs suitable for climate-friendly techniques, including cool roofing and solar panels. This hands-on experience not only provided employment opportunities within the field of greens jobs for the young participants but also contributed to the promotion of eco-friendly practices in the community.

The wealth of data collected by the environmental ambassadors during the project period will continue to make a lasting impact through the Coolify database. This database will serve as a valuable resource for further development and research, ensuring that the efforts invested in the Cool Green Deal initiative have a lasting and meaningful legacy.

Cool Green Deal stands as a testament to the power of collective action and collaboration in fostering positive change. By combining education, employment opportunities, and environmental advocacy, this initiative has not only made a significant impact in the present but has also laid the foundation for a more sustainable and inclusive future. As we celebrate these achievements, let us continue to work together in shaping a world that prioritizes environmental action and empowers the next generation for years to come.

With support from Allmänna Arvsfonden