Miljö & Arbete: Empowering Youth Through Innovation and Environmental Awareness

As we approach the culmination of our initiative Miljö & Arbete (Environment and Work), we reflect on the achievments of the initiative. With a focus on environmental consciousness, technological innovation, the initiative has quickly achieved substantial success, leaving a positive mark on both the environment and the participants.

At the core of Miljö & Arbete’s success is its commitment to empowering youth, specifically those from socially vulnerable neighborhoods. Together we have created a team of 20 Environment Ambassadors. These ambassador have used Google Earth to collect valuable data about rooftops across the globe.

The outcome? The creation of Coolify, a global roof database that serves as a useful resource for both real estate owners and intallers in the transition to climate friendly roof techniques such as solar panels, cool roofs and green roofs. Beyond contributing to a global cause, participants have gained practical experience and IT skills acting as a stepping stone to potential careers in the growing field of green jobs.

In conclusion, Miljö & Arbete stands as an example of how innovation, environmental awareness, and youth empowerment can converge for meaningful change. This initiative contributes to a sustainable future and serves as inspiration for others to embark on similar journeys of positive transformation.

This success has been made possible through the funding and support of Vinnova and the collaborative partnership with Chalmers Digital Twin Cities Center among others. Their contributions, both in terms of funding and expertise, have played a pivotal role in the impactful progression of Miljö & Arbete.