Doing Good: Impact report 2023

We are happy to tell you that Doing Good’s Impact Report for 2023 is now here. Read the report to find out what we have been up to during the past year, our impact, success stories and difficulties – or scroll down to read a reflection of the past year from Louise Nilsson, COO of Doing Good.

Some highlights of 2023

  • Employing 94 Ukranian war refugees within our initiatives CareEUkraine and Care UDRC. This makes Doing Good one of the biggest employers of Ukranians in southwestern Sweden during 2023.
  • Employing a total of 84 young individuals as Environmental Ambassadors within Environment & Work and Cool Green Deal. Together they have made huge impact – registrating over 86 000 rooftops for our database Global Coolify.
  • Initiating Art@Climate 2030, a global, climate-themed art competition which sparked huge engagement; recieving over 450 entries from artist from 54 countries with over 5000 people voting on their favorite artworks.
  • Finalizing our 23 km long (23 km konst) mural artpath through Gothenburg, in time for Gothenburg’s 400th jubilee, together with Göteborg & Co.

A reflection on 2023 by Louise Nilsson, COO of Doing Good:

As we reflect on the year 2023, it is clear that the world has been challenged by a stream of distressing events, from the rise of authoritarianism to the devastating impact of climate disasters, the war in Ukraine, the tragedy in Sudan, the Hamas terror attack and the Israeli regimes bombings in Gaza, the oppression of women in Iran and refugees encountering closed borders… The list appears endless, and the weight of it all is undeniable.

In daily conversations, I often hear expressions of frustration and despair regarding the state of global affairs. Phrases like, ”It’s so disheartening to follow the news,” or ”I can’t hear about another disaster”. It is indeed painful to bear witness to such suffering, and it is understandable that individuals seeking to safeguard their mental health need periodic breaks from the relentless news cycle.

If you are exhausted and lacking positive input that is so rarely showcased in the media. We present this Impact Report—may it serve what we all so desperately crave.. Good News! We are excited to share and celebrate the milestones we have achieved together with you! For Sätt Färg på, the year 2023 has been nothing short of transformative. Through collaborative efforts with strong partners, we have evolved into a new and more impactful form with a new
name ”Doing Good.” The two simple words that encapsulate the intention of our value-driven organization.

Our decision to change our name on the occasion of our 10-year anniversary was not arbitrary; it was necessitated by our tremendous growth and the expansive breadth of our work. We have broadened our commitment to supporting vulnerable individuals in society, deepened our ties with international partners, and extended the reach of our initiatives to promote art and mental well-being while combating the urgent issue of global warming. In this report we share how good actions can set off a positive chain reaction. Like how lessons from providing secure paid jobs to youth in struggling neighborhoods were extended to Ukrainian refugees and how those jobs then contributed to mentorship programmes and the sustainable development of cities.

In the pages that follow, we will delve deeper into the stories of impact and change that have unfolded throughout the year. We invite you to join us in celebrating these achievements and,
more importantly, in kindling the flame of hope that carries us forward into the future. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for helping us make a positive difference in a world that so desperately needs it!

With gratitude and hope,

Chief Operating Officer
Louise Nilsson

We want to direct our gratitude to all our partners who have been crucial throughout the year. Thanks also to ESF, Vinnova and Allmänna Arvsfonden who have made our initiatives possible.

Now onto 2024, let’s continue to do good together!