Build Forward

The ”Build Forward” platform will collect initiatives and resources for Ukrainian refugees and the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Build Forward

We are developing a comprehensive platform under the name of "Build Forward" which will collect initiatives and resources for Ukrainian refugees and the reconstruction of Ukraine. This will serve as an effective way to gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs and challenges faced by these groups. It also enables the formulation of effective strategies and actions to support returning individuals and ensure a better reconstruction of the country than before. Build Forward is designed to bridge the gap between Ukrainian needs, be it from individual citizens, municipalities, or regional authorities, and the supportive capacities and financial plans from international backers.

  • Primary goals of Build Forward

    • Responsible Reconstruction: Enhancing Ukraine’s physical ecological and modern infrastructure while promoting the psychological well-being, human rights, and resilience of its people.
    • Secure Digital Nexus: Forging a digital meeting point for stakeholders to converge for information, shaping pathways for collaboration and driving progress.
    • Civil Engagement: Actively involving Ukraine’s civil society in decision-making and  implementation processes.
    • Democracy Promotion: Reinforcing democratic values and human rights principles in every sphere.
    • Collaboration: Effectively partnering a wide network across sectors, engaging CSOs, government, the private sector for comprehensive impact.
  • Features and Functions

    • Inclusive Cooperation: We welcome partnerships from all countries and Ukraine’s providers.
    • Mapping Mechanism: Real-time mapping for efficient resource allocation.
    • Corruption Check System: Ensuring transparency and minimising transaction costs.
    • System Management: A sustainable fee structure for efficiency and lower project costs.

The need to "Build back better"

There is a need to "build back better" than before the war. Learning from past experiences and identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities helps design more resilient systems and structures. These systems and structures involves improving infrastructure, strengthening institutions, promoting human rights and social justice, and enhancing crisis preparedness.

The importance of capacity-building for Ukrainians in relation to reconstruction

The "Build Forward" initiative highlights the importance of including and engaging Ukrainian individuals in the reconstruction process. Investing in their skills and education allows them to actively participate in the reconstruction process contributing through building infrastructure, promoting economic growth, and improving public services and governance. Strengthening their knowledge and skills also empowers Ukraninan individuals to play a key role in creating sustainable development in the country.

The potential for collaboration with civil society

Through the initiative civil society organizations play an important role in providing valuable insights, expertise, and resources to inform strategies and actions. Collaborating with these partners allows the government and reconstruction actors to leverage their knowledge and experience for effective solutions.

Meet part of the Build Forward team

  • Louise Nilsson, project leader of Build forward, is a human rights scholar who leads partnership building and capacity building as well as human resource management of the platform.

    Photo: Tony Trump

  • Olena Petrus, originally from Ukraine, is a former participant and mentor of Care UDRC and Care EUkraine and now part of the IT team of Build Forward.

    Photo: Tony Trump

  • Glib Chornyi, IT-lead at Doing Good,  works on the driving connection to the database.

    Photo: Tony Trump

Are you interested in collaborating?

Build Forward's digital and in-person ecosystem connects those rebuilding Ukraine with transparency, efficiency, and a shared vision. Join us in reshaping Ukraine's reinvigorated and modernised future. Together, we Build Forward. Are you interested in learning more or would you like to collaborate with us?

Get in touch with us through contacting Louise Nilsson, project leader of Build Forward.